Customized Software Solutions

  • Delivering the Software/Product the Client Requests
  • On-Premise/Cloud
  • Teams with Experienced Developers
  • Various Sectors / Various Programming Languages


Ai-Powered Resume Parsing and Job Matching Solution to Enhance Recruitment Process

  • Turn resumes and job descriptions into structured data
  • Ai and Deep learning to evaluate candidates' profiles, not only keywords
  • Score and rank the candidates in seconds, ease recruiters job
  • NLP and LLM to work on multi-language resumes
  • Generate personalized, in-depth interview questions
  • OCR technology to parse any kind of resumes (pdf, word, jpeg etc.)


Ai-Powered Conversational Automation Platform for Automating Customer Interactions by Understanding Intentions.

  • Text-based interactions throug web, mobile and social media
  • Voice Assistant
  • Speech Analytics
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Speect to Text / Text to Speech
  • Natural Language Processing: Arabic, English...
  • On-Premise • Cloud • White Label • App • Browser • No-Code Development


ERP Dedicated to Your Business and Customized According to your operations.

  • Stock Management
  • Project Management
  • Various Reporting
  • HR
  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Many More Features


RPA Solutions to Get the Repetitive Works Automated With Zero Error

  • A Software Which Imitates Human
  • Routine or Repetitve Process.
  • ~x3 Faster Than Human
  • 7/24 Nonstop Work
  • Fastest of ROI (~8 Months)
  • Cheaper Than Head Count


FINTECH Technology That Delivers Financial Services Through Software

  • EMVCo Certified Payment Verification Solutions such as 3D Secure 2 and Fraud Solutions
  • Developing custom projects
    in e-commerce; payment gateway and logistics solutions
  • E-money, E-Wallet and Payment Facilitator Infrastructures


Video-Based Communication Platform to Provide Visual Engagement at every Customer Touchpoint

  • Retail / E-Commerce: Visual Online Store Experience
  • Insurance: Remote Claim Adjustment
  • Banking: Remote KYC
  • Video Call Center
  • Video Tech Support
  • Visual Assistance to hearing impaired
  • On-Premise • Cloud • White Label • App • Browser • Customize


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